Digital consultancy and innovative development solutions

About us


Weary of dogma, passionately independent, and full of pragmatic idealism, Neucadia was founded because we wanted to do things the right way. Established by a group of driven, like-minded individuals in 2011, Neucadia has grown into a small business dedicated to doing challenging, meaningful work with a focus on improving something that touches us all, agriculture.


Since the beginning Neucadia has strived to keep things new, innovative, honest, and always done the right way.

Our mission is to build products and solve problems that empower others to lead their organizations and industries with confidence.


Neucadia believes in investing in local talent and building the community in whence it came. We live by the credo that small, diverse teams can accomplish just about anything through perseverance, hard work, and the spirit of innovation.

What we do



  • software development
  • web design
  • e-commerce
  • email marketing


  • custom design
  • branding
  • marketing materials
  • business cards
  • signs & posters


  • IT services
  • device installation
  • systems upgrade
  • custom development

Want to work with us?

We'd love to hear your ideas for new projects and ventures. While we keep a full schedule, if your work suits yours and our needs we will find the time to make it happen.

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