Press Release

AgraScout introduces free plan, lower premium plan price

CARSON CITY, MI—Michigan-based agriculture innovation company Neucadia announced a completely free version of its scouting application AgraScout along with a lower price for business premium plans. The free version comes with all of the features of the premium model except for boundary and report sharing.

‘We believe AgraScout is a great scouting program and want to add value to agribusiness whether that be a national retailer, independent agronomist, or family farm,’ Grady McCrackin, CEO and co-founder of Neucadia said. ‘We also updated AgraScout with lower data usage and offline capabilities so we can reach as many users as possible.’

The decision is also meant to bolster the value of AgraScout’s popular aggregated pest map, Trav View.

‘The decision came easy to us,’ McCrackin said. ‘We’ve seen aggregated pest data be very valuable to our customers over the past couple years, especially with new insects coming north and leaf diseases progressing throughout the Corn Belt. Our customers saw infestations coming days before their competition.’

Trav View aggregates and maps worldwide pest data, creating a live view of current and past pest threats. By pixelating individual pest findings to 5 kilometer areas, data is kept anonymous, protecting farm privacy.

‘Privacy is something we care a lot about’ McCrackin said. ‘We’ve worked hard to create something easily accessible yet secure at the same time.’

AgraScout, a scouting app for iOS, Android, and the web, allows the scouting of 40 crops and more than 300 pests, currently has users in 15 states and 5 countries. The business premium version is available for a $50 lifetime fee per user with additional costs for personalized data importing and training.