Press Release

Neucadia announces dual-compartment portable bulk seed unit for the farm

CARSON CITY, MI—Michigan-based agricultural innovation company Neucadia announced the availability of their patent-pending Seedpod bulk seed storage system. Designed around mobility and practicality, the Seedpod allows growers to add bulk storage to their farm without the cost or construction hurdles of permanent storage.

A dual-compartment, completely sealed steel container, the Seedpod holds 400-900 units depending on seed size and can dispense two different soy or wheat varieties simultaneously via its flow-adjustable slide doors.

‘We first thought about developing the Seedpod after the wet spring we had a few years back,’ said Grady McCrackin, CEO and co-founder of Neucadia. ‘A seed company we worked with at the time was having serious issues delivering seed to growers on time and the weather was so bad that there were basically only a handful of good days to plant. We thought that if we made a weatherproof bin that sat on a grower’s farm during the year, a dealer could deliver seed at his convenience which would solve a lot of headaches come spring.’

The unit was designed and engineered by industry veteran and head of Research and Design at Neucadia, Robert Bollinger. ‘The problem with other on-farm bulk units is they are either too small or they’re not portable’ Bollinger said. ‘With the Seedpod you get both. On the one hand it can hold the same amount as 20 mini-bulk bags and on the other hand you can drag an empty unit behind a pickup truck.’

Weighing just 5,000 lbs when empty and constructed out of durable 12 gauge steel with a triple-reinforced base, the unit can stand on grass, gravel, or concrete, making it ideal for farms where space is limited and moving the unit is required. ‘You can beat it up quite a bit without damaging the unit,’ Bollinger added.

The units come with a 7-year warranty and are priced to pay for themselves within three years based on bulk allowances and bag fees.

An American made product, Seedpods are produced in Michigan with early March delivery dates on new orders. Neucadia is currently seeking dealers across the US.