Farm Cycle


Nutrient recordkeeping without the hassle

As farms are faced with more challenges dealing with input costs, regulations, and the pressure of public perception, the importance of accurate manure and nutrient recordkeeping has become more and more prevalent.

Farm Cycle is a simple, convenient, and detailed way to record all field inputs and outputs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter all relevant field data. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are tracked field-by-field, task-by-task giving producers the opportunity to see what is going on on their farm at a glance. Since Farm Cycle uses real farm data to calculate nutrients and stores all historic data in a secure database, producers can use it to compare results year-to-year and make future management decisions.

Beyond recordkeeping, Farm Cycle is a great tool for following various regulations and programs. Large CAFOs are subject to annual reporting; MAEAP farms must keep records in order to remain verified; and all producers must follow GAAMPs in order to be covered under the Right to Farm Act. Farm Cycle covers all of the requirements under these and other programs, giving producers a simple, easy, and convenient way to improve their practices and comply with local and state regulations all while protecting the environment from nutrient build-up.

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